188I absolutely love the recording process and am often hired as an engineer. I started on a 4-track cassette recorder, then graduated to a reel-to-reel and quickly embraced digital recording early in it’s life.

Working as an engineer gives me the freedom to concentrate on capturing the sounds, as I look forward to setting up and miking a drum kit, a guitar rig or a horn section. Equally comfortable recording at my own studio or an outside facility, I have worked in both large commercial facilities, as well as smaller personal studios all over the US.

When hired by a producer or an artist to engineer, I like to assume a somewhat transparent role. The key to that position is to interpret the sound the client envisions and quickly and efficiently deliver it, utilizing all the tools at my disposal. Drawing from my knowledge and experience with a variety of musical instruments and amplification, it is often my job to advise the client on the appropriate equipment choices in order to be able to deliver the sound.