Musician and Composer

Guitar_Music_cropped_640I started composing and songwriting early in my career and eventually became a Warner-Chappell – published songwriter. I have composed for television, ad agencies, production libraries, motion pictures and multimedia projects. I almost always co-write with the artists that I produce and I enjoy the collaboration.

Some of my most recent placements are ABC’s “New York Med”, SyFy’s “Dead Still”, HBO’s “Entourage” and The Discovery Channel’s “Flying Wild Alaska”.

Long before I got into production and engineering, I had always been a working musician and often get hired as a session player, live performer and musical director.

I am lucky enough to have shared the stage with many great musicians and singers, and have performed all over the US at the most prestigious venues and events like Presidential Inaugurations, The Kentucky Derby, NASCAR Championship Award Events, The Superbowl, etc.

Having keyboard, guitar and bass chops, as well as extensive synthesizer and drum programming abilities, I almost always play on everything I produce and I include it as part of my production services.