Alex Salzman is a New York-based Grammy┬«-Nominated and Award-Winning music producer, engineer, composer and musician with an extensive discography in genres ranging from hard rock to pop and new age to heavy metal. An educated musician, Alex’s years of music industry experience are complemented with deep understanding of cutting edge technology and production processes.


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Alex has long been my engineer of choice for my recordings. He has the kind of ears and musical knowledge that an artist can only “dream” about getting a chance to work with, and I have been very fortunate indeed to have worked with him so much! There is no doubt that his incredible expertise in engineering, mixing and production have made an enormous difference in my many recordings over the last decade, and plus, he is a truly great person, whom I always look forward to working with!Arlen Roth
Alex really is incredible. He is talented on so many levels. I have never met someone that talented, ever…If you listen to the songs carefully you can hear a bunch of instruments coming in and out. That’s where Alex really shone through, getting the arrangement together so it made sense. He’s just a genius when it comes to that.Ingersol
…you contributed so much to this record and it wouldn’t have turned out this good without all your hard work and input! Thank you, my brother.Ace Frehley